Know the temperature, humidity and location of your products at any time!

Track deliveries using a cloud based service to see real-time route information and conditions in a shipping container or truck. The logger also measures shock and exposure to light, which indicates door openings.

Amazing Features

  • Monitors location, temperature, humidity, light, shock
  • Data transmitted via GSM cellular networks
  • No hardware or software installation
  • Alerts and notifications via email and SMS
  • Geofencing enabled
  • No need to open vehicle doors to access information
  • 24/7 cloud service to view and analyze data remotely
  • Make immediate cold chain management decisions
  • Reroute trucks when necessary
  • Customize settings for logging intervals, high/low alarm limits
  • Data stored in the cloud for traceability, audits, HACCP, and FSMA compliance

The Portal Provides Instant Access to Data

The FlashLink® Real-Time In-Transit Logger sends data to a web account where it’s always available, even before a shipment reaches the receiving dock. Reliable up-to-the-minute information is accessed with a standard web browser, using a PC or any internet-ready device. Alerts are automatically sent when out-of-range conditions occur.